Haunted Crested Macaque | lawton.art by Chris Lawton

Welcome to Lawton Art

Chris Lawton is a Digital Artist based in Scotland. His work ranges from realism – as seen in his realistic animal portraits, to explorations of beauty and the Uncanny through realism, surrealism, and abstraction.

On here you will find artwork, written articles, and eventually video of the works in progress. Please see the menus, or buttons below, to find out more.


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Portrait Painting | lawton.art

Blue Lady

Digging through my hard drives I uncovered this unfinished portrait I was working on back in 2021.  It was the first portrait I had attempted ...
Pan | lawton.art

Welcome to the Blog

Here you'll find (fairly) regular posts ranging from updates on my work to thoughts on various topics.

About this Artwork

All of these portraits of animals were hand painted in digital media. No ai generation. No auto-painting.

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